Our unique designs deliver the results you are after with each workout.

The CTS system combines three of the major trends in the fitness and health sector.

What exactly does the CTS WORKOUT training system do? ​
  • During CTS training, the body obtains a correct posture and increases flexibility through stretching exercises that are applied to the shortened muscles without risk of joint injury.
  • It is a system focused on raising psychomotor coordination through breathing, alignment movements, and posture correction technique that stimulates the neuromuscular system.
  • During the rehabilitation process the CTS training system contributes to the stimulation and regeneration of damaged muscle fibers, increasing strength and endurance throughout the injured muscle area.
  • The diversity in the exercises during CTS training strengthens the various muscle groups at the core, reducing or eliminating muscle pain produced by the loss of bone mass or injury.
  • The activities designed by CTS are specific training sessions that improve health and physical fitness.
  • To achieve this goal, our system is based on a specific program composed of blocks of exercises and movements that enhance flexibility, stability, coordination, and strength (with the circular resistance band).

A new training system aimed at improving our clients’ physical capabilities.

CTS is a Circular Training System based on different movements and isometric strength exercises with its circular resistance bands.

Our method is focused on strengthening all the muscle groups, increasing flexibility and balance, through various specific movements, posture correction and breath control.