Welcome to the Circular Training System (CTS)

Our goal is for you to discover the various ways to improve the fitness level and wellness of clients using all the training equipment and methods included in our system.

What is the CTS WORKOUT?

The CTS Workout is a fitness routine that creates a real change in people with the aim of improving their health and well-being. We are committed to our unique training method in all the programs and activities we offer.


Designed to Improve the fitness level and develop strength and endurance throughout the body in each workout.


Oriented to Strengthen the musculature and raise the physical condition in each training session.


Engineered to Stimulate all the muscles to help prevent injury.

It is a class to improve health with music, movements and coordination exercises with the elements of CTS training.
It is a class with music to improve muscle flexibility, strength and body balance with the elements of CTS training.

Our methods are created for use at sports and fitness centers, by personal trainers, physical trainers, pilates instructors, yoga teachers, and physiotherapists.

Why is the circular training system different?